2015NPT_Did you know? There are atomic bomb victims in Korea. (영문 리플렛)


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Did you know? There are atomic bomb victims in  Korea.

Recognize, Apologize, Investigate!
Korean A-bomb victims’ demands For Japanese, United States, South Korean governments.

1. Korean A-Bomb Survivors (Sim Jin-tae)
2. A-bomb Damage Passed Down through Generations (Kim Bong-dae)

The Korean atomic bomb victims demand :

- Japan must apologize for starting World War II (the Pacific War); committing war crimes, annexing and colonizing Korea, conscripting Koreans for forced labor, conscripting “comfort women” as sex slaves;  and must compensate the victims.

- The United States, as the first country in the world to use nuclear weapons, must take responsibility for its crime against the hundreds of thousands of atomic bomb victims, including the Korean victims.
The South Korean government must pass special laws than can support Korean atomic bomb victims and their descendants.

- The UN, charged with guarding peace and human rights for all humankind, should create a treaty banning nuclear weapons and abolishing them.

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